neighborhood map

where to park

on-street parking

Cars may be parked on nearby streets, except on resident only areas identified with « RÉSERVÉ DÉTENTEURS DE PERMIS DE RÉSIDANTS » signs, and not within 6 f (2 m) of a fire hydrant. Carefully read the park signs to know if parking is allowed. Poles with spot number on the sidewalk indicate Pay & Go parking.

off-street parking

nearest car parks (24h rates - february 2016):

  • P1 indoor under the Grande Bibliothèque, entrance on Savoie avenue - 12$
  • P2 outdoor on St-Christophe street nearby de Maisonneuve boulevard - 20$
  • P3 indoor underneath the Place Dupuis building, accessible via St-Hubert street, between Ste-Catherine and de Maisonneuve - 22$